Direct Primary Care focused on you for just $100/month

What is Direct Primary Care?

In a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, patients get care from their own doctor where and when they need it because contracts are directly between doctors and patients, eliminating financial and regulatory barriers that drive large practices to see high volumes of patients in short time slots. Visits are comprehensive and not rushed. Doctors work with a limited number of patients, which means you have hour-long appointments to get the attention you deserve. Cutting out the red tape and middlemen means you get high-quality health care that is founded on strong trusting personal relationships. 

Direct Primary Care is not a substitute for insurance.  This is a model that pairs well with high-deductible insurance plans that provide catastrophic coverage for emergencies, surgeries, and hospitalizations. We will coordinate with specialists and other health care providers to ensure you continuity of care through direct communication. 

In a DPC model, many urgent concerns can be addressed efficiently in real time with telephone consults, secure text messaging, portal messages, or in-person visits whether in the office, at your place of employment, or in your home.

Direct Primary Care for Businesses/ For Employers

Call us to explore how we might partner with you to provide exceptional and personalized care for your employees.  We are responsive to your same-day requests, and can see your employees at home or in the office.  We help you increase your workforce productivity by minimizing time away from work for medical appointments. Give yourself an edge in recruiting and retaining top talent with Direct Primary Care.

Heidi M. Larson, MD Family Medicine is Part of the New England Direct Primary Care Alliance

Heidi M. Larson, MD Family Medicine is Part of the New England Direct Primary Care Alliance

What does my membership cover?

For your monthly subscription fee, you receive compassionate, personalized primary medical care from a board-certified family physician who knows you and your personal health concerns and needs.

  • Direct, unlimited communication with Dr. Larson through secure text messaging, phone calls, video calls, e-mail—even when you’re traveling
  • Direct communication and coordination with your specialists and other health care providers
  • Access to Dr. Larson in person in the office, or at home, work, or school
  • Annual physicals/wellness exams
  • Unlimited office visits for acute problems or management of chronic diseases
  • Same-day or next-day appointments
  • School and sports exams
  • Cryotherapy (freezing) of warts, skin tags, sun spots, and precancerous lesions
  • Minor office surgeries such as drainage of abscesses
  • Biopsy of skin lesions
  • Basic suturing of lacerations
  • Joint aspirations and joint/trigger point injections
  • Ear lavage (wax removal)
  • Basic, in-house laboratory tests such as urinalysis, pregnancy tests, and glucose
  • Pap smears, endometrial biopsy, intrauterine device placement and removal (IUDs such as Mirena and Paragard are sold at wholesale cost)
  • Deep discounts on prescription medications
  • Laboratory testing at reduced cost
  • Access to discounted rates for imaging studies (Xray, CT, MRI)
  • Empowerment, education, compassion, respect, and positive results
  • A patient portal for record tracking and communication
  • No additional co-payments, fees, or hidden surcharges
  • No interference or decisions made by insurance companies

Dr. Larson will incorporate the most current technology and research and work with you on the development of an individualized plan to help you develop good habits, plan for the future, and achieve your best physical health and emotional well-being. You can count on Dr. Larson for coaching and guidance around:

  • Wellness—foucsing on diet, exercise, sleep and stress-management
  • Arranging screenings based on your gender, age, and personal risk profile
  • Immunizations to protect you where you work, play, and travel
  • Help with quitting smoking
  • Evaluation and treatment of womens’ health issues such as abnormal bleeding, contraception, bone health, menopausal concerns, and aging gracefully
  • Advance-care planning
  • Palliative care

How much does direct primary care cost?

It’s pretty simple: $100 per patient, per month.

No worrying about copays and coinsurance. No hassles with insurance companies at all. There no hidden fees or surchanges for anything we do in the office. Services outside the office such as lab work and pathology reports are provided to you at cost. And your prescriptions will be at a deep discount, often at a fraction of the cost paid through an insurer.