Dr. Larson earned her bachelor’s degree in physiology from the University of California at San Diego. She graduated from the University of Vermont College of Medicine in 1992 and went on to complete five years of active duty service in the United States Army Medical Corps. She completed her residency training at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine, in 1999. And she’s been a regular volunteer on the clean-up crew at the Preble Street Resource Center since 1997.

She is board-certified in family medicine and has experience working in multiple practice settings, including academic medical centers/residency training programs, rural clinics, acute care, and solo medical practice.

She earned her master’s degree in business administration at Brandeis University in 2017 and is passionate about leveraging her business skills along with her clinical background to promote family medicine as a critical foundation to a sustainable healthcare system.

Her mission as a family medicine physician is to provide exceptional, comprehensive health care to the whole family in and around Scarborough, Maine, based on trusting personal relationships with patients, their families, and the community.

Heidi M. Larson, M.D. is one of only 9 private Maine physicians to earn three blue ribbons of distinction for excellence in outcomes for care in the treatment of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and depression.

Scarborough Family Medicine Doctor Heidi Larson

Heidi M. Larson, MD, 3-Time Blue Ribbon Distinction for Excellence

“What I love most about being a Family Doctor is simply being a part of my patients’ lives. It is an honor and a privilege to share stories, look at the latest photos of families and pets, laugh together, cry together, and celebrate our successes big and small. That’s the best part of what I do.”