“We feel very, very lucky. Dr. Larson is extraordinary and represents a new era of personal care physicians that are actual humans that actually care about other humans – in a world wrought with corporate insurance greed, which she is not nor ever will be a part of. Not only has Heidi been an ultra-positive game changer for us as a PCP, but she also makes house calls! Heidi is brilliant, empathetic, thoughtful, kind and always thinking of the best possible care and treatment for our well-being. My wife and I signed up for Heidi’s care with her monthly subscription/enrollment back at the end of May 2021, and it’s been the best decision we’ve ever made as far as taking care of ourselves and our health.”

— Ken M, from Yelp

“Dr. Larson is an absolute gem! She is so much more than just a healthcare provider. She is caring, compassionate, and has a true gift for connecting with her patients on a deep and meaningful level. Every time I see, email or text her, I feel like she cares about me as a person, not just a patient. What’s more, Dr. Larson has a vast network of providers and specialists at her fingertips. This means that she is able to connect me with the right people to provide the best possible care for my needs and she does so quickly and seamlessly. Dr. Larson goes above and beyond, and I am so grateful for all that she does for me and for our community. If you’re looking for a healthcare provider who is caring, responsive, and truly dedicated to her patients, look no further – my doctor is the one for you!”

— Bethany Field, from Google

“When I relocated from Los Angeles to Portland ME about a year ago, I was surprised to find that scheduling new patient appointments with many local clinics resulted in having to wait several weeks for an initial consultation. Luckily, I came across Dr. Larson’s practice and she was able to see me within a week. It’s been several months since meeting Heidi for the first time and I can honestly say she’s been the best physician I’ve ever trusted with my health care. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable (staying plugged into nascent and emerging medical trends and breakthroughs as part of her passion for the field and commitment to teaching and mentoring med school students in her spare time), but also possesses a positive, genuine, and reassuring disposition, letting you know that she truly cares for you as a person. While many doctors I’ve seen in the past were great, they tended to interact more transactionally. With Dr. Larson you experience a real human connection, like having a true friend that’s deeply invested in your physical and mental well being. Furthermore, I have never had the level of accessibility or responsiveness that I have with Heidi. I can text her at odd hours or weekends directly and always receive a prompt response (she even filled a script for me within an hour while she was on a family trip)! I’m 43 and have some blood pressure and thyroid conditions that require constant monitoring, and I am grateful for having Heidi in my corner. My health has improved significantly under her care and, as a busy professional that travels often, she has given me peace of mind that we can connect painlessly and easily without having to wait days or weeks for a follow up….Impossible to measure up against, she is an all star I truly love working with”

— Michael A, from Yelp

“My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Larson since January and she is simply amazing! She truly looks out for you and any issues you may be dealing with. Her advice and insight is spot on, and she does a fantastic job of explaining her thinking to make sure you understand things. Additionally she makes communication with her effortless. You can send messages through her website portal and text her with her with your questions or concerns.
I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a highly professional and friendly doctor!”

— Dave C, from Yelp

“I was so lucky Dr. Larson saw me at the drop of a hat on Chebeague Island I desperately need medication and she was able to subscribe and put medicine on the boat for me I can’t thank you enough”

— Patricia H, from Yelp

“Dr. Larson has been our doctor for over a year, and we are absolutely thrilled with the care we have gotten. She is accessible, knowledgeable and caring. My husband and I both recently had Covid (despite being fully vaccinated just 6 months prior to testing positive). Dr. Larson was tireless in arranging for us to get monoclonal antibody infusions, and she checked on us every single day. I am so grateful that I did not have to deal with the bureaucracy at a large medical practice. Having Dr. Larson in your court is worth so much more than the small fee that she charges each month. “

— Joanne F, from Yelp

“Dr. Heidi Larson is beyond wonderful. Both my wife Holly and I signed up with her in the spring (2021) and are so very, very thankful for her dedication and knowledge that has been a game changer for us and understanding what a PCP is and should be, especially in a world of corporate giant insurance greed.

Heidi has gone above and beyond each month- house visits, office visits, personal updates on her app, and member pricing for medications. We had no idea that there was a better world of independent doctors out there who actually care about people and their wellbeing.”

— Kenneth M, from Yelp

“She’s Wonderful! I was always treated with kindness and compassion and Dr. Larson went the extra mile. My former position told me my cramping was just a female problem and not to worry. Dr Larson send me for teats and to a specialist and it was discovered I had chronic endometriosis and needed surgery.

She’s a kind and giving person.”

— Mardie W, from Yelp